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"One day while surfing the Internet I ran across the KinderSigns website and an unbelievable peace came over me and I knew I had found my calling in life, teaching hearing children and their parents how to sign and thus The Signing Garden was born. I am truly blessed to have come across such an opportunity!

I now teach one & half hour workshops to parents on how they can begin signing at home with their baby and I teach Signing with Me Classes. I also hold FREE Informational Seminars through out the area."
~ Tracey Aasen~

"This letter is written to let you know how your course and customer service has not only exceeded but also stunned my expectations. These programs continue to serve me in ways that I hadn't considered when first purchased. The brilliance of this program lies in the good amounts of money to be made in just small cracks of time in my very busy schedule (A new baby in the house and a full time job, etc.).

I cannot fully express my gratitude for your personal touch, prompt responses to emails and excellent business plan. I know that a potential buyer need not be a speech therapist to successfully run this business."
~Jeff Hinzman, speech language pathologist~

"I am looking forward to the bonding time with my son that signing with him will provide."
~Michelle (Mother to 6 month old Owen)~

"I have tried to get information on a business I could run from home and have been disappointed in every one of them. I had heard about KinderSigns through a friend that was using with her child and became interested in learning it so I could teach my son. Then when I looked on your site, I saw the business information and was thrilled but a bit apprehensive after all the other home business duds. Your program was filled with marketing strategies and so much more then just the signing information. Plus it is a business that I can actually incorporate my son into. He's my own visual. You are AWESOME!! Thank You So Much!!!!!"
~Amy Jackson/Gallah~

"I have been in five different local newspapers and CBC news did a story on myself, my son and the workshops that I conduct. I love the freedom that KinderSigns gives. We are able to say that we have been trained by them, but have complete control over all our marketing and pricing. The name of my company is Baby Signers, and in just four months I have made a name for myself. I can only hope that the popularity of signing with your baby only grows in the future. I love teaching others and I look forward to having more of my own children and also being able to teach them this wonderful way of communicating. Beneficial for Mom, Dad, and Baby!!!"
~Jill Paron-St.Louis~
Check out Jill's business webpage that she manages using KinderSign's Automated Web Page Management System

"I've read the material and understand how KinderSigns works. The package is great and so well laid out that there is really little for me to do in preparation for workshop. Thank-you so much."
~Melissa Wilson~
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Diane's Sign Language for Baby Message

Sign Language for Baby

Diane Ryan, founder of KinderSigns' Sign Language for Baby program, and expert when it comes to teaching babies to sign, wants to help you start your own Sign Language for Baby business. Diane has over 20 years experience in speech/language pathology plus public relations and marketing know how. You won't be starting your Sign Language for Baby business all by yourself. Diane will give you one on one support and the benefit of her experience to maximize your home business success.

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Kindersigns has the largest network of Sign Language for Baby instructors worldwide

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