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Become a Kindersigns Instructor!

Becoming a Kindersigns Instructor with our home based Business Opportunity program is easy! Not only will you learn to communicate with your own baby, but you will also learn how to teach others to communicate with their baby through classes and workshops. Everything you will need to learn and to get started teaching baby sign language as a business is available in our online kit.

No Special Qualifications are Needed!

Thanks to Diane Ryan's experience, you don't need a degree in speech pathology to become an instructor and start teaching baby sign language with Kindersigns. In fact, you don't even need to know sign language. All you need is a love for babies and the desire to teach parents how to communicate with their baby by using simple baby sign language techniques.

Have a question or concern about becoming a Baby Sign Language Instructor? All you have to do is ask!

teaching baby sign languageWe will provide you with ongoing support to help you succeed teaching baby sign language through your Kindersigns business!

You can learn online at your own pace, take as much time as you need to become comfortable with the signs. However, for many, the total learning time is Under One Hour!

As a Baby Sign Language Instructor you will have access to royalty-free material to share with your students and lifetime reprint rights to KinderSigns' copyrighted workshop materials. Everything you need to begin teaching baby sign language is available in your online kit.

You won't have to buy and re-sell any books or hire an artist to draw the signs you want to teach as a Baby Sign Language Instructor. We have already done that - Simply download, print and copy as many as you need. Then start teaching baby sign language and advertise your classes as "all materials included!"

Baby Sign Language Dictionary - Includes 50 of the most popular baby and toddler signs that are shown along with instructions on how to make each sign. Parents can take their dictionary home and practice on their own. It's a useful resource to give parents when teaching baby sign language.

Baby Signing Journal – A way for parents to record their baby's progress. They record the date when their baby makes a particular sign and keep it handy for babysitters and other caregivers. Signs are illustrated to let others know what the baby is trying to communicate. It's a wonderful keepsake - and an optional hand-out or gift that you can offer as a proud Baby Sign Language Instructor.

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Benefits of becoming an Instructor
Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Kindersigns Instructor

Start Teaching Baby Sign Language at an Amazingly Low Price!

You will be amazed at how little it will cost you to become a Baby Sign Language Instructor and start your ENTIRE business. You will also be thrilled at how much is included for such a low everyday price - PLUS some wonderful bonuses and our continuous support.

Your Kindersigns Program will include everything you need to learn and start teaching baby sign language right away.
KinderSigns 101

The KinderSigns Quick-Start System offers you a great way to learn!

Learn online at your own pace, easy to follow lessons, step-by-step guidance and sample demonstrations.

Once completed you will receive your KinderSigns certification! And as a Certified Kindersigns Instructor, you will have the credibility you need to start your own business Teaching Baby Sign Language.
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